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It's when inside doesn't seem to fit with outside, small injuries, become BIG problems! You lose your confidence... your balance... your mojo!

  • Ever wondered how some people can create so much time for themselves and look and feel great... all the time?
  • Do you want to know the secrets to living a longer and more fulfulling life?
  • Discover the EASY steps to regaining balance in your life with our unique approach to physiotherapy

Discover the NEW way to manage pain, injury and get yourself back on your feet!

Re-invent yourself at mymojo – get your mojo back...and keep it!

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Mornington Peninsula Physiotherapist, Rodney Rossetto, with over 10 years experience, has created a unique formula to regain the balance between you and your body. A program that is sure to give you more energy and achieve the mind body balance you desire!

Here’s why our approach works!

  • At mymojo we have a relaxed, unique atmosphere to get you back in balance.
  • We listen to your concerns and identify your main problems. We work hard to set goals and develop a treatment plan suitable for you.
  • We target all aspects of your health and fitness including your balance between mind and body.
  • We create an individually tailored program for you to address specific needs and requirements to be sure you are doing the safest and most effective exercises to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.
  • Treatment plans are designed by physiotherapists who are experts in understanding how the body works.
  • We target all aspects of your health and fitness including your balance between mind and body.

You deserve the very best and not only will you see results your friends and family will too!

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We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with our service. That’s why we have offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! What are you waiting for...it’s easy, no hidden catches, no lock in contracts, call us now and get your mojo back.

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